Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Worried about your passwords?

Worried about your passwords?: Does thinking about personal on-line security make you do this?   The question of a secure password always gets the same respons...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Live Diary of a Social Media Project

The project: A book
Title: Smarth Shots from Smart Phones
Facebook page:
Date of website creation: 24th July, 2013

Objective: The objective is to crowdsource the creation, marketing and eventually sales of the book. We are in phase 1 of the project, which is to gather material...both photos and content that will find its way into the book.

Phase 1: The story so far
The book is curated by Kamaskhi S. An avid photographer as well as tech buff. So far the following have signed on as authors...currently just for the blog

Kartikeya Bhargava -- Student and avid photographer
Vidya Ananthanarayanan -- Phd researcher, tech buff and amateur photographer
Amrita Gangulay Salian -- Editor, Photographer,

Week 1 stats
No of Pics uploaded: 16
No of contributors: 9

Strategy: Current strategy is to introduce the concept to friends and ask them for their pictures. Have noticed it helps to put up the name in the headline. Get a better response that way.

Pain point: tumblr. I just can't figure out how to get untitled out of the headline and put in the name of the book. Rest of it...setting up the wp blog, the fb page, the twitter links etc went smoothly.